Custom Rubber Products

Custom Rubber Products

Designed for Your Equipment

Have your custom impact, abrasion, and corrosion issues solved by Sioux Rubber & Urethane’s 40 plus years of experience in the industry. Endurawear® Rubber is normally applied for impact, corrosion or abrasion control, however, it is also applied to control noise, improve gripping friction, vibration control or simply to protect a machine or product. Whether you need your existing parts coated, re-coated, new parts manufactured or you just have a head scratching wear issue you can’t get figured out, chances are we have already seen it and solved it. You can contact our experienced staff and discuss the problem or send us a drawing of your custom rubber product and we will build the solution you have designed.

You can send us your inquiry, issue, problem or drawing via email, fax or mail and receive a solution and quote back in normally a day or two. Or you can pick up the phone and simply call.

Your custom rubber products are usually time sensitive and very important. We recognize that fact and pride ourselves in getting your product to you on-time. When you get your quote or place your order, you will know when we expect to have the part completed and ready for shipment. Whether you need impact pads, rubber hopper liners, or any other custom rubber products, Sioux Rubber & Urethane can help!

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It is hard to beat from the aspect of economy, abrasion resistance, lining integrity, and high temperature resistance. [Sioux Rubber] has done an excellent job of installing and testing rubber liners that we have used in our scrubbers and reactors… delivery times are accurate… and the quality of the job is top notch.

Dirk Lohry – Nutra-Flo Chemical Company


  • Forklift clamp pads – for box and paper roll carriers; relining your worn clamp pads is much more cost effective than purchasing a brand new set
  • Forklift forks – coating the forks to protect the products that are being moved; coated pipe, boats, painted products, etc.
  • Polishing discs – used for glass polishing (up to 48” diameter). Rubber tampers for asphalt machinery
  • Gaskets – for special machinery, largest to date: 8′ wide x 20′ long
  • Pump housings – internal linings for slurry pumps or dredge pumps
  • Impellers – for slurry or dredge type pumps
  • Fan housings – for chemical plants or systems moving air with corrosive atmospheres
  • Chutes – sand chutes, grain spouts, transitions
  • Hoppers – sand, gravel, concrete, or even hard candy for wear and noise control
  • Impact pads – various sizes, shapes and thickness
  • Scraper blades – snow plows, squeegee’s, street sweeps
  • Discharge Chutes – unloading or loading grain, feed, fertilizer or any dust creating product into or out of storage bins, rail cars or trucks
  • Gypsum Mixer Boots – standard size molds in stock, custom designs available
  • Conveyor Cradle Impact Bars – Standard sizes in stock, custom designs are available

Custom Rubber Products

Download the Sioux Rubber & Urethane Product Catalog

Are you interested in learning more about how our custom urethane products can extend the life of your equipment? Contact us to speak with a friendly representative and receive a quote. Download our product catalog now to get the complete overview of products and services and learn how your equipment can last longer.

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Contact our experienced sales and research staff and they will work with you to develop the right product or find the right coating for your specific needs. Over the last 40 years we have earned the reputation in the industry of being an on time supplier of high quality rubber and urethane products. Whether you are in the mining, aggregate, agricultural, chemical or manufacturing industry we can protect your equipment and machinery from abrasion, impact and corrosion thus reducing downtime, maintenance and repair cost. This will allow you to extend equipment life, increase productivity and decrease operating and maintenance costs.

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