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Sioux Rubber & Urethane’s HawkPad® is the premier press pad for commercial die-cutting applications. If you need urethane pads for a hydraulic press or for industrial equipment, you will not be disappointed with our heat press pads (which are more durable than a heat press rubber pad/mat). HawkPad® uses a unique bonding of multi-layered hardwood to a custom blended urethane that allows it to last 3x longer than traditional gum heat press rubber pads/mats. Sioux Rubber & Urethane’s proprietary Endurawear® Urethane barrier allows deep, clean cuts through multiple materials in multiple patterns, multiple times, while also cutting production costs, labor, and material waste.

Saving Your Business Money
In any business, time is money. For a business to remain profitable, your machines need to spend more time producing and less time being repaired or having something new installed. That is why the HawkPad® is an invaluable investment for your company. Installation of the HawkPad® is simpler than traditional gum rubber pads. This means that your machines are back and up and running at full capacity in no time, with little to no impact on your production quantities and costs.

Aside from quicker installation, the HawkPad® outlasts traditional gum rubber pads—as much as three times longer! And with the HawkPad® needing to be replaced less often, companies save on the price of new pads and the price of installation. Save yourself the headache of constantly changing rubber pads and go with the long-lasting option of the HawkPad®.

Reducing Material Waste
Additionally, since the HawkPad® lasts longer, there is a reduction in material waste and a reduction in disposal costs. Both of these equal more savings for your business! With less to get rid of, you will not only be cutting current waste disposal costs, but you will also be hedging against increased disposal costs in the future. Furthermore, in addition to saving your business on the cost of handling and disposing of waste, you will also be doing your part to protect the environment. This is a step your customers are sure to appreciate.

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  • Learn how the HawkPad® saved one manufacturer $6,150 per machine in press pad materials alone the first year in use.
  • Learn how the HawkPad® can reduce employee downtime and finishing costs.
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