Chemical Resistant Rubber & Urethane

to Protect Your Equipment

Chemical Applications

Sioux Rubber & Urethane offers chemical-resistant rubber and urethane that will prevent your equipment from deteriorating. We can custom-cast urethane parts specifically for your needs! Don’t let chemical corrosion wreck your equipment! Sioux Rubber & Urethane will protect it with rubber or urethane depending on what application will work best for you. Over time chemical corrosion gradually destroys materials (metal) via chemical reactions involving substrates. Corrosion damages the useful properties of materials and structures including strength, appearance, and permeability to liquids and gases.

Rubber Linings Have Advantages in a Corrosive Environment

  • Rubber is not an electric conductor, thus preventing electrolytic corrosion.
  • Compounded Rubber is chemically resistant and handles most corrosive solutions.
  • Rubber lining entirely covers the metal surface avoiding intergranular, stress and crevice corrosion and corrosion fatigue.
  • Flexible Rubber expands and contracts with a tank without breaking the lining integrity, the rubber-to-metal bonds or the rubber lining.
  • Rubber resists abrasion, erosion is minimized.
  • Rubber is light in weight.
  • Sioux Rubber can easily install chemical-resistant rubber or urethane linings in our plant. Rubber has an excellent service life.

Tuff-Tube® Spout Lining:

Rubber lining protects tanks, fan housings, pump housings, impellers, containers, or ducts from corrosion and abrasion problems. It will not only protect the metal but also the product or contents from contamination. Chemical handling systems, scrubbers, reactors, vapor collection systems and blower systems can all be protected with rubber.
Rubber lining of tanks, housings, scrubbers, reactors and other equipment extends the service life, saving you money. Rubber lining is considerably cheaper than equipment replacement and the associated downtime for repairs and replacement.

Protect it with Rubber:

Customers use urethane coatings to protect against friction, chemical attack, and weather wear on equipment. Urethane can increase the life of your equipment due to its plastic elastomer nature. Industrial urethane coating bonds to your equipment as they are flexible and will shrink or expand with the substrate. Paint, on the other hand, lacks flexibility and will break its bond as they are flexed. Industrial urethane shields against abrasion, impact, and abuse from the elements. Some examples of projects we have worked on in the past are: soybean dryers, frame rails for soybean sorters, and hoppers.

Protect it with Urethane:

Urethane is used for lining pipe and tanks to protect against corrosion in liquid, material handling and other processes. Sioux Rubber & Urethane can work with you to develop the right formulation and the right product to protect your material handling and transport equipment.

Download the Sioux Rubber & Urethane Product Catalog

Are you interested in learning more about how our custom urethane products can extend the life of your equipment? Contact us to speak with a friendly representative and receive a quote. Download our product catalog now to get the complete overview of products and services and learn how your equipment can last longer.

Protect it with

Let’s Get Started on Your Custom Rubber Liner

Vulcanized rubber provides long-term, economical protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion in hundreds of applications. Vulcanized rubber delivers protection that is superior to glued on products. It can provide 5 to 10 times more protection and wear life than plain metal due to its permanent bonding and the capabilities/qualities of the rubber. Through the vulcanization process, Sioux Rubber & Urethane can apply a variety of types and thicknesses of rubber to virtually any metal object that fits your needs. The rubber can protect against chemical attack, impact damage, sliding abrasion damage or noise problems.

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