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Extend the Life of Your Equipment in the Agricultural Industry

Agricultural Applications

Rubber and urethane application can significantly reduce wear and tear on agricultural machinery and livestock equipment. Rubber sheets and matting can be used for livestock stalls, trailers, veterinary rooms or other areas to protect your assets. Urethane lining is applied to metal tanks, farm equipment, piping and spouts to reduce the abrasion and corrosion that limits the life of your equipment.

Sioux Rubber & Urethane specialize in solving impact, abrasion and corrosion problems, offering answers and products to protect your equipment. Let us analyze your production process and show you how to smooth the way to greater productivity, lower cost and bigger profits for your business.

Tuff-Tube® Spout Lining:

The Tuff-Tube lining system is a patented urethane spout liner manufactured by Sioux Rubber & Urethane. Tuff-Tube can significantly reduce the abrasion of grain, seed and fertilizer handling, extending the life of your equipment. In a season or less grain will cause extreme wear in your spouting that can ruin your spouting. The Tuff-Tube lining system is an excellent answer to high maintenance costs and the constant replacement of steel spout. The Tuff-Tube spouting liner can be rotated 120° – 180° to present addition wear surfaces. Completely used liners can be removed and replaced using the same steel spout saving you the expense of having to purchase new each year. The Tuff-Tube spout liner can be made or molded into any standard diameter, up to 20’ lengths for new or existing spouting applications. The Tuff-Tube protects your valuable machinery and improves your bottom line!

This is a seamless spouting system that prevents objects from getting in-between the liner and spout preventing buckling, plugging and peeling issues. Our lined spout elbows have a permanently bonded liner that matches up to the Tuff-Tube liner for total spout protection. Lined spout elbows are also available with and without tapered leading edge.

Spray Urethane:

Customer’s use spray urethane coatings to protect against friction, chemical attack and weather wear on equipment. Urethane can increase the life of your equipment due to the plastic elastomer nature. Industrial urethane coating bond to your equipment as they are flexible and will shrink or expand with the substrate. Paint on the other hand lacks the flexibility and will break its bond as they are flexed. Industrial spray urethane shields against abrasion, impact, and the abuse from the elements. Some examples of projects we have worked on in the past are: soybean dryer, frame rails for soybean sorter’s and hoppers.

Urethane Liners:

Urethane liner for combine spouts and augers have amazing impact on the life of your equipment. The constant abrasion of various grains, seeds or other materials can wear down your equipment and cut into your profits, with repair and replacement costs. Urethane reduces dust, maintenance, and provides gentler handling of the material causing less breakage and loss.

Rubber Sheets:

Rubber faced steel plate can prevent damage when steel meets steel or is unprotected against friction, abrasion and corrosion. Tests have shown that rubber faced plate has an abrasion wear time up to 10 times longer than unprotected metals. Abrasiplate™ or “rubber-face plate” is not simply a piece of sheet rubber glued to metal (like many companies offer). Our vulcanization process and specially formulated rubber compound results in a blister-free, virtually unbreakable bond between rubber and metal.

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Vulcanized rubber provides long-term, economical protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion in hundreds of applications. Vulcanized rubber delivers protection that is superior to glued on products. It can provide 5 to 10 times more protection and wear life than plain metal due to its permanent bonding and the capabilities/qualities of the rubber. Through the vulcanization process, Sioux Rubber & Urethane can apply a variety of types and thicknesses of rubber to virtually any metal object that fits your needs. The rubber can protect against chemical attack, impact damage, sliding abrasion damage or noise problems.

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