Custom Urethane Products

Custom Urethane
Products to
Increase the Life
of Your Equipment

Solving your unique impact, abrasion, and corrosion issues is what we do best. Our in-house fabrication department keeps mold costs to a minimum and results in a much more cost-effective solution for you. Our full line of castable and sprayable Endurawear® Urethanes provides the physical properties you need for your specific application. Our urethanes vary in hardness, rigidity, and temperature range and can be bonded directly to most any metal, concrete, or wood surface.

Looking for Long-Lasting Results?

At Sioux Rubber & Urethane, we strive to deliver exceptional custom urethane products to all of our customers. We understand many industries use equipment that handles abrasion and extensive use every day. Our high-quality urethane products extend the life of your equipment and increase productivity in your industry.

Contact our experienced sales and research staff and they will work with you to develop the right product or find the right coating for your specific needs. Quality products and service combined with quick turnarounds are our standard. Whether you need coated rollers, clamp pads, wear plates, or spout liners, we can customize any of our products to match your exact measurements and specifications.

Why Use Urethane Products?

Urethane lends itself to almost unlimited applications. Commonly found as a sealant or an adhesive, urethane is an excellent choice for many industries. If you work in the automotive, construction, packaging, or agricultural industries, urethane can save your company time and money by reducing frequent maintenance needs or repairs.

Using our high-quality custom urethane products increases temperature resistance because urethane can withstand high heat and provides more durability than other similar products. Many industries, including highway and pavement companies, use urethane for these reasons. Our advanced urethane technology can enhance the performance of your equipment and protect against abrasion, dents, and more. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice in a wide variety of applications.

We Provide a Unique Technology

Sioux Rubber & Urethane has developed numerous custom applications for a variety of customers in several different types of industries. To extend the life of your equipment and machinery we offer custom urethane product solutions from linings to assemblies to cast urethane parts. When you need excellent impact, abrasion, cut and tear resistance, and superior dynamic performance, our Endurawear® urethane products will meet or exceed your needs.

If you are looking for a permanent bond instead of a removable liner Sioux Rubber & Urethane excels at this process. We can surface bond, encapsulate, and cover a large variety of substrates. If your part or piece is steel, stainless, aluminum, cast, galvanized or even wood or concrete, we can permanently bond our Endurawear® Urethane products to give you your desired outcome. For most of your urethane and metal assemblies, Sioux Rubber and Urethane can manufacture the metal inserts for you to provide a complete ‘one stop’ source for your finished part.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of using our superior custom urethane products in your business. We can customize any product to fit the specifications of your equipment. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we will tailor our products to your high standards. Our goal is to extend the life of your equipment and help you save time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Take their

word for it:

It is hard to beat from the aspect of economy, abrasion resistance, lining integrity, and high temperature resistance. [Sioux Rubber] has done an excellent job of installing and testing rubber liners that we have used in our scrubbers and reactors… delivery times are accurate… and the quality of the job is top notch.

Dirk Lohry – Nutra-Flo Chemical Company

Custom Urethane Products


· Clamp Blocks and Pads

Bonding a layer of Endurawear® Urethane to your clamping blocks or pads helps eliminate scratching or damaging of finished or coated products.

· Wing Rollers

Tried and tested, our coating on wing rollers in soybean dryers adds up to five times the life.

· Custom Wear Plates

Whether your wear surface is bent, curved, or grooved, we can bond a lining or coating in urethane to extend the wear plate’s working life.

· Idler Rollers

Spray coating protects your roller and belt to increase productivity and provides significant savings in maintenance and downtime.

· Gaskets

Whether it is a unique design or an abrasive environment, we can keep your machines sealed and in operation longer.

· Spout Liners

You may never have to replace another spout with our Tuff- Tube® lining system installed.

· Expansion Joints

Your long duct runs need a little flexibility to survive, urethane expansion joints are the answer regardless of the size of the duct.

· Spout Transitions/Elbows

Seamless linings for spout elbows and transitions with no exposed bonding agent to wear out and allow product underneath.

· Cooling Tables

Encapsulating the cooling lines under your cooling or candy table provides excellent insulation and eliminates condensation drips.

· Dual Durometer Polyurethane Parts

The blending of two different polyurethane compounds into one molded part is a distinct advantage in many applications. Depending on your application, a hard, rigid compound may be cast as the support structure, with a softer compound providing the working surface.

Download the Sioux Rubber & Urethane Product Catalog

Are you interested in learning more about how our custom urethane products can extend the life of your equipment? Contact us to speak with a friendly representative and receive a quote. Download our product catalog now to get the complete overview of products and services and learn how your equipment can last longer.

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