Choosing the Right Rubber Product for Your Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

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Choosing a reputable rubber supplier like Sioux Rubber & Urethane is essential due to their high quality and extensive selection of rubber products. Choosing the best rubber products for performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness cannot be overstated. By addressing issues on an industrial scale, we make your equipment more durable and ensure that it is stronger and lasts longer.


Rubber Linings

Numerous industries and companies utilize industrial rubber linings. No matter what industry you operate in—construction, automotive, electronics, healthcare, etc.—our rubber linings help extend product life by offering an affordable and highly durable product. 


Industrial rubber liners also benefit chutes, pipelines, flexible bends, cement mixers, tumbling barrels, fittings, and flanges. Industries that can benefit from these liners include chemical, mining, steel, electrochemical, transportation, and environmental. 


Forklift Clamp Pads and Covers

Rubber clamp pads and covers protect a forklift and the goods it might handle. In addition to preventing scratches, dents, and other damage, they offer a safe and dependable grip while moving and lifting large objects. 


Rubber forklift pads can also be used to shield the goods from the forklift’s prongs while it is in use. Top industries that benefit from clamp pads and covers include construction, manufacturing, shipping, and warehouses. 


Rubber Rollers

Industrial settings are where rubber rollers are commonly utilized. Valued for their high coefficient of friction, rubber rollers are beneficial for conveyor belts during production times. For pressing and sanding tasks, the furniture industry also uses rubber rollers. To create laminates and film coatings, the plastics industry also relies on them. 


They are used by the textile industry to dye and bleach fabrics. While the leather industry utilizes rollers to treat its products, the food industry uses them for packaging food. Finally, rubber rollers are used by the glass industry throughout the forming process.


Rubber Sheets

More than a few industries benefit from rubber sheeting. Rubber-covered perforated plates make excellent vibrating screens for construction jobs that involve sand, gravel, and rock applications. They are also beneficial for extending life and reducing downtime for hoppers, chutes, cones, and troughs utilized in power plants, brick and block plants, and grain handling. 


Rubber sheets can be mounted directly on walls to prevent the long-term impacts of grit blasting by lining blasting equipment or entire rooms. Manufacturing, shipping, and warehouses also benefit from rubber sheets that can be specially patterned to grip and transport products without applying too much pressure. Rubber sheets aid in preserving functioning machinery in cyclones and dust collection systems while preventing premature wear in high-velocity airflow areas.


Custom Rubber Products

Endurawear® Rubber is often used to manage impact, corrosion, or abrasion, but it is also used to reduce noise, increase gripping friction, reduce vibration, or simply to protect a machine or product. 


From agricultural and pharmaceutical to construction and manufacturing industries, Sioux Rubber & Urethane can help you coat or recoat existing parts, fabricate new parts, or customize our products to match the rubber needs of your industry. 


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It doesn’t have to be complicated when selecting the best rubber products for your needs. All it takes is a little due diligence and research. When selecting the correct material, long-term cost savings, improved performance, and durability are all possible. Contact Sioux Rubber & Urethane today for more information or to place your next order.

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