The HawkPad, by Sioux Rubber & Urethane, is changing the way companies in the paper-based honeycomb manufacturing industry do business. These companies manufacture honeycomb cardboard. This material is used for protective packaging of appliances, glass and furniture and even for structural applications like household doors and temporary building structures.

The honeycomb material is measured and cut using 50 to 100-ton presses. And when they need a cutting press pad, the HawkPad is the perfect solution for the job. The HawkPad is used as the chosen die cutting board for the rule, or the press’ die, to penetrate. The HawkPads can either be laid flat on the base of the press or suspended from the top. Either option is possible with the HawkPad. The HawkPad is specifically designed so any customer can cut any shape – circles, squares, triangles, whatever.

What is the Hawk Pad?

Sioux Rubber & Urethane’s HawkPad is made by bonding multi-layered hardwood to a custom-blended urethane. This special urethane barrier is made from our proprietary Endurawear® which allows for  deep, clean cuts through multiple materials, in multiple patterns, multiple times. It resists warping, dimpling and shredding, even after a half million cuts.

Why is it better than traditional gum rubber press pads?

The HawkPad has been shown to last three-times longer than traditional gum rubber press pads. One paper honeycomb manufacturer decided to try it after it got tired of replacing gum rubber press pads every six weeks. It was thrilled to find that the HawkPad was going strong four months and 562,000 cuts later. And, not only is the HawkPad more durable it’s far cheaper on materials and installation costs.

Take a look at these numbers:

HawkPadGum Rubber Pad
Pad Life Span4+ months (3 pads a year)1.5 months (8 pads a year)
Materials Cost$5,700 (3 pads @ $1,900)$9,600 (8 pads @ $1,200)
Total Installation Time1.5 hours (30 min. per pad)24 hours (3 hrs. per pad)
Total Installation Labor Cost (@ $100/hr.)$150$2,400
Total Cost$4,850$12,000

That’s an annual savings of more than $6,000! What are you waiting for? If you’re ready to save money and time, because nobody likes lost productivity, contact us to see how the HawkPad can improve your die cutting processes.

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