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Custom Molds and Manufacturing for Rubber & Urethane Products

If large compression-molded Endurawear® Rubber parts are what you need, Sioux Rubber & Urethane can custom manufacture rubber parts and products on a one-of-a-kind basis or for large production orders. Custom Endurawear® Urethane molded products can also be created in-house. Depending on your estimated product run, molds can be made in a variety of ways using several different materials to keep the up-front costs low. We can use your mold, build a mold to your specs, or create our own mold based on the desired finished product.

Our in-house molded rubber and urethane product fabrication gives you a tremendous advantage. Without the need for out-sourcing Sioux Rubber & Urethane can offer faster delivery or quicker turnaround for your products as well as significant cost savings!

Your product can be custom designed to meet the strictest design and performance requirements. Your specifications and required physical properties can often be met with raw materials kept in stock but custom formulations and blends are available upon your request.

Molded Rubber and Urethane Products and Parts Can Be Manufactured:

  • With a metal insert option
  • To increase friction release by using a UHMW surface
  • With rubber compound varieties, to meet your specifications
  • Using embedded fabric
  • With multiple types or durometers of rubber

As with all of our Rubber & Urethane products, we use a vulcanizing process to ensure a high-quality bond between the rubber and metal parts for longer product life and better performance.

  • Maximum mold size of 204 in. long x 56 in. wide x 11 ¾ in. tall
  • Compression force that delivers a maximum of 1,500 tons

If your business depends on high-quality manufacturing for rubber and urethane replacement parts and components, make sure to call Sioux Rubber & Urethane! We help you stay in operation and avoid costly machine downtime. Contact us or download our catalog to learn more.

Download the Sioux Rubber & Urethane Product Catalog

Are you interested in learning more about how our custom urethane products can extend the life of your equipment? Contact us to speak with a friendly representative and receive a quote. Download our product catalog now to get the complete overview of products and services and learn how your equipment can last longer.

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